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Provider Information

Why outsource medical billing ?

Many businesses chose to outsource parts of their businesses for many reasons such as - time, money, effort, knowledge, resources, skill, liability, etc. In general most businesses, chose to outsource because of time and money. Outsourcing does have many benefits that will give your business an advantage. However, be sure that you consider all of the factors associated with seeking services outside of your practice before hiring anyone. We ALWAYS speak with potential clients on a personal bases to help them assess if acquiring our services will indeed be a benefit to them and their practice. 

How Long does it take to be enrolled ?

Once you have completed and sent the New Provider Enrollment forms along with all the items on the check list, we begin the process of enrollment within two business days. 

What type of information/documentation is needed ?

We have a New Provider Enrollment Packet that will give you a check list of all the items that will be needed. Those items include documentation that verifies Provider Credentials, information about your practice, information about current insurance networks, etc. 

Is ViewSight HIPAA compliant ?

YES! We go through great measures to make sure all your Patient Health Information (PHI), provider information, and business information is secure at all times. This includes rigorous training for all of our staff about HIPAA regulations and compliance. 

Are there any start-up or monthly fees ?

This is one of the biggest differences between us and other healthcare billing companies. WE DO NOT CHARGE A START-UP FEE and there are NO MONTHLY FEES! 

Are there any hidden fees?

We are very upfront with our costs and will always tell you about any type of fees associated with our services. 

Need help with starting a new healthcare practice ?

This is precisely the reason we have the distinctive company name, ViewSight. This is the most unique characteristic of our company. We have helped to make the visions of many entrepreneurs a reality with our knowledge and insight of both business and healthcare. We have the experience, motivation, skill, knowledge and most importantly, we share your vision of a successful medical practice!'