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We provide administrative support services that ranges from managing Patient Accounts to extending your insurance network. Our company understands the issues and concerns of operating a healthcare practice. We recognize that as a healthcare provider your time is important. Managing the many complexities of a healthcare business demands much time and may detract from your patients' care.

Services are very reasonably priced. We charge a small percent from the amounts we collect for you. This means that you do not have to worry about high monthly rates or having to pay unreasonable amount for months when business may be slower. This also ensures that we work hard for you. Our success depends on our client's success!

With ViewSight, you will have your own personal Account Manager that will take great interest in your business and will be there for you when you need them.

We are different from other medical billing companies, not just because you will receive support from a real person, but because we offer a very wide variety of service that other companies do not offer and if they do, will charge a ridiculous amount.
Claims Management
Data Management
Insurance Credentialing
Program Development
- Claims billing
- Claims Reconciliation and Adjudication
- Payment posting
- Patient billing and account management
- Manage denied claims
- Collections and follow-ups
- Customer service and assistance
- Personal account manager
- Patient Enrollment
- Verification
- Authorization Requests
- Accounts Receivable (AR)
- Patient information maintenance
- Electronic File System (EFS)
- Data Mining
- Data backup systems
- Maintain provider records
- Assistance with documentation and records requests
- Enrollment for most commercial and private insurance companies
- Medicaid enrollment
- Medicare enrollment
- Electronic Remittance
- Advice (ERA) enrollment
- Electronic Data
- Interchange (EDI) enrollment
- Electronic Payment System
- (EPS) enrollment
- Insurance Provider Portal enrollment
- Business Consulting
- Support
- Finding Solutions